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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Witch Who Cried Wolf (Cry Wolf, #1) by Sarah Mäkelä

The Witch Who Cried Wolf (Cry Wolf, #1)The Witch Who Cried Wolf (Cry Wolf, #1)
by Sarah Mäkelä

My rating: 4.1 of 5 stars

Mia is a shy little flower of a witch, and Jessa is her best friend, who runs and owns an herbal shop in town. Some people realize that she is really a witch, but most just come for the fun of it and the novelty. When a client asks Mia to make a potion, he doesn't give her enough information and the healing salve goes wrong. Now Mia has werewolves hunting her down and threatening her family and she doesn't really now which camp to believe.

Ethan has just spent the last year plus on deployment overseas and he is looking forward to being home, even if he isn't exactly looking forward to spending time with Mia. It's not that he doesn't like Mia, that's just it, he's been in love with her since seventh grade, but you just don't go after your best friends little sister, it is just not done.

This year, when Ethan gets involved in the werewolf attack on Mia, and then see's the treatment that a bad boyfriend subjects her to, it is almost more than he can handle.

This is a cute story of friends figuring out their places with each other long after college and if it's ok to finally date your best friends little sister or not. A story of a witch and a werewolf and a friendship and partnership to help each other when one is injured, but also to keep the supernatural hidden from the rest of the world.

Definitely a young adult type story, one sexual scene, not too explicit, but enough to be mentioned. Fun, enjoyable story for anyone who likes the witch, werewolf, paranormal genre.

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