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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Haunted by Eileen Maksym

by Eileen Maksym

My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars

Haunted by Eileen Maksym is the story of three college students who investigate and research hauntings together.

First you have Tara, the smart and pretty girl, who is studying neurobiology and has access to lab equipment. She has a troubled past that she doesn't talk about to anyone, and avoids most friendship except this little group. Second you have Steven Trent, he is a political science major, and has a major crush on Tara, but refuses to do anything about it. He likes the friendship the three of them have and doesn't want to run her off. Last, but not least, you have Paul, who is the one who really makes the haunting group because he can actually hear ghosts.

Add in an interesting newspaper article about an older couple trying to sell their home, only to have all the prospects ran off by the hauntings. Of course the college group just has to investigate this house, right? Now you have a wonderful little book called Haunted.

It was very well-written, everything flowed well, and once I started going I just kept going and before I knew it I was done. There were some unexpected twists, but it was quite a cute story. You get some glimpses into Tara's past, just tiny bits but enough to wet your appetite and make you want to know more and hope that this if just the beginning of a long series! You also get history, some tragic, and some beautiful, but sometimes things happen in the 1800's that just can't be helped, other times they could have been prevented, but you get to glimpse into long ago life as well.

I marked it as Young Adult as the characters are college students. Really, the content of the book, topic and themes are written so that any age reader really could pretty much read this book. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. So glad to have had the chance to have read this book!

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