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Monday, August 17, 2015

Children's Book: The Prince of Toys And Food: by A. M. Marcus

Children's Book: The Prince of Toys And Food: (Children's Picture Book On How To Appreciate The Things You Have)Children's Book: The Prince of Toys And Food: 
by A. M. Marcus

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

George has so many toys, he never plays with them all, yet he never feels satisfied. Something is always missing, so he is always asking his parents for more and more toys. Do you know anyone like George? And although this is a children's book, the message speaks loud and clear to all ages! How many adults do you know that have more clothes than they can ever wear, yet still go out shopping looking to fill a void. It happens all the time, as people we look to things to fill needs in our lives.

George learns, through a dream of a fabulous castle, that it is not having the most stuff, but appreciating what you do have and using and enjoying that, where you will find fulfillment. It may seem trivial to some, the idea of limiting what you get and enjoying what you have, but I find that this is a message that needs to be repeated over and over, especially within the teenage community right now. Life is not all about amassing the most things.

I have plans to share this book with my teenagers, not just with young children, because I think the message is something that needs to be gotten across, and then reminded again and again as peer pressure starts to show it's ugly head in your child's life. This is one book that will get a ton of use in my house!!

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