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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ground Zero: Prequel to Numbered Series by Magus Tor

Ground Zero: Prequel to Numbered Series (Numbered, #0.5)Ground Zero: Prequel to Numbered Series
by Magus Tor

My rating: 4 .4 of 5 stars

In a future society, by the age of eight, children are tested and sent to schools for their specialized vocational tracks. The first day of Med Worker Training, Aurelia and Marnee find each other and a deep and lasting friendship begins. But all is not roses and sunshine in this new world. Those that can not work, who are sick and frail, are injected.

As we follow Marnee and Aurelia through their years of Med Worker Training, we watch them deal with confidence issues, learn to study, have faith in themselves and find that Aurelia is unique in that her parents actually are involved in her life. Aurelia and her father have many talks through the years about things that upset and bother Aurelia.

This is a short book, but a quick look into what society could evolve into with specialized testing and training, euthanasia and select population reduction. It is just enough to get you thinking about this world the author, Magus Tor has introduce and make you want more. Great, quick read for any reader!

**Please note in the spirit of disclosure, I received a copy of the book in return for my HONEST review.**

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