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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SLAM (The Psionics 0.5) by Tash McAdam

SLAMSLA(The Psionics 0.5)
by Tash McAdam

My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

In a future world of paranormals, where psychic talents are no longer rare but somewhat common you have the readers, the projectors and the blanks. Trouble is the government wants them all and will stop at nothing, including kidnapping young children to use them for their own purposes. Underground lives the ARC, a resistance movement of people who are fighting against the government and it's policy of kidnapping psychic children. One of those is Serena, and it's personal to her, her baby brother Damon was kidnapped by the government and she wants him back. SLAM is titled after a special psychic technique that Serena learned to block out others in combat, and she uses it well. She just never thought she would have to use it against her best friend, who all the sudden is against her. Tash McAdam creates a teen-angst story in the middle of a world conflict that all wraps together.

SLAM may be Serena's technique and she may use it well, but she always thought Abriel would be by her side. Now Abriel has sabotaged her treats her like an enemy, and Serena doesn't understand why. Their first mission topside forces them together, and they will have to overcome whatever has happened and work together if they are going to survive the harsh and bitter world that author Tash McAdam has created. This is a great book for the young adult and teenage reader. As the main character is just sixteen, it can easily be understood by those on both sides. Unique view of a future world and something different and worth reading.

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