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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Distance Between (Bobbie Lamont, #4) by Zelmer Wilson

The Distance Between (Bobbie Lamont, #4)The Distance Between (Bobbie Lamont, #4)
by Zelmer Wilson

My rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

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With college graduation only recently behind her, Bobbie Lamont had given up on life, she thought she had experienced all life had to offer and that she would never find love again. Enter Miller, a young and somewhat different seventeen year old, who spent the summer teaching Bobbie that there was so much more yet to experience in life. The Distance Between is the story of young love, and not so young love, of a seventeen year old and a twenty-two year old, but who have so much in common, and who teach each other how to live again. Author Zelmer Wilson takes a typical girl been dumped response, there is nothing else out there, and turns it into a new adventure with someone completely unexpected.

The Distance Between is a unique look at emotions and thoughts. Bobbie is a deeply emotional person, writing everything down into millions o pages of diary, yet when she is dumped by her latest boyfriend, she is ready to give up. To run into another reader/writer like herself in Miller, even if he is five years younger than her seems like the lifeline she needs and it becomes just that. Author Zelmer Wilson not only writes about the life o this one character, Bobbie Lamont, but about the need of all people to be able to connect with someone that sees the world the same way they do regardless of age or distance. Although the book is filled with a lot of drinking and smoking, typical of the time period that it is written in, I still feel it is a good read for young adults as well as adults. There are some good things to be learned here.

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