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Monday, June 8, 2015

Beauty & The Wolf (Beauty & The Wolf Saga, #1) by L.A. Maldonado

Beauty & The Wolf (Beauty & The Wolf Saga #1)Beauty & The Wolf (Beauty & The Wolf Saga, #1)
by L.A. Maldonado

My rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

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Her very own apartment, and at only sixteen, it all seemed surreal to Claire, but then again so did the fact that she would never see her mother again. Her mother had finally lost her battle with cancer, and now Claire was in a new town, a new apartment, just down the street from her Aunt and Uncle, but on her own so to speak. First day of school and Claire spots loner, Adam and is immediately drawn to him. Jeannie takes Claire under her wing and they become best friends quickly, but trouble in the form of Billy Ray, or Bully Ray as he is called behind his back is headed her way. Billy Ray has taken an interest in Jeannie, and he doesn't take kindly to being told no. When Billy Ray forces the issue and kidnaps Jeannie things go from bad to worse and in ways Claire could never suspect. Beauty & The Wolf follows the unlikely team of Adam and Claire as the work together to help Jeannie and bring Billy Ray down. L.A. Maldonado gives the reader a complex story of rules and anarchy, set within the confines of high school life.

L.A. Maldonado's Beauty & The Wolf is a young adult book, and sometimes it seems that the average life of that age character gets lost in the story. In this story, the author really tries to keep you remembering that the characters are only sixteen, they are in high school, they are solving adult problems and dealing with adult-like situations without having the learning or experience to deal with them. Bully and rebelling against the perceived unfairness of rules are the big themes in this story, which are perfect for this age reader, and are dealt with in a manner that makes them understandable for the reader.

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