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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Winter's Captive (The Georgia Series) Volume 1 by June V. Bourgo

Winter's Captive (Book 1 of the Georgia Series)Winter's Captive (The Georgia Series) Volume 1
by June V. Bourgo

My rating: 4.6 of 5 stars

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The one place Georgia never thought she would be for Halloween was in the Yukon with her best friend Marion, but then again Georgia never thought her husband Colin who she helped through school, would cheat on her and get his mistress pregnant, and then leave her for the mistress! At least she has her own little bit of pay-back, she too is pregnant, due within days of his mistress, now isn't that funny! Just as Georgia thinks she is dealing with life, she is taken hostage in the middle of a robbery. She is able to escape, but is lost in the unknown wilds of the frozen north. She finds a small cabin, but soon she is Winter's Captive, as the snow sets in she might as well make herself comfortable for the long haul. +June V. Bourgo gives the reader a story of a woman fighting her own demons, fighting nature, a philandering husband and bungling robbers all in an unknown area to her.

Winter's Captive (The Georgia Series) (Volume 1) is set to be the beginning of a series. The series set around the lead character of Georgia, so this book lays all the groundwork for future books. It has to give you a lot of backstory to produce all the rest of the series from. In that regards you have the best friend Marion, and there are a few tales from childhood. There is the cheating husband Colin, and there are a few tales from their marriage. Colin's parents are introduced as well as the two robbers. + June V. Bourgo builds a wonderful base for a beautiful series, and yet at the same time, a book that can stand on it's own merits just as well. Great book for all readers!

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