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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cries of Innocence by Angela Beach Silverthorne

Cries of InnocenceCries of Innocence
by Angela Beach Silverthorne

My rating: 4.65 of 5 stars

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Bren has wanted to be a cheerleader her senior year in High School for so long, she has worked hard, practicing on her own, asking friends for help and finally her dreams are about to come true, she has made the cheer squad. There is just one catch, the cheer coach wants her to decline the position, what? Did she just hear what was said correctly? But of course, she did, once again her life is being defined not by something she did, but by something she has no control over, her father. He is the town drunk, and abusive. Cries of Innocence is the story of Bren and her mother, when Bren finally has enough of this town and her father. It follows what happens when Bren finally trusts someone enough with the truth, and everything changes. Angela Beach Silverthorne tells a captivating story of a daughter and a mother, each surviving in their own ways but neither really living or understanding until now.

Cries of Innocence is more than your typical abusive, drunken father story. Larry Parrot is downright evil in many ways, and he can be hard to read at times. I read a great many books and usually have no problems, but there was something about the way that author Angela Beach Silverthorne wrote him that just made him real and scary to the reader. I found myself scared and troubled, frightened for the family and hopeful, yet at the same time feeling the same despair that Bren must have felt at times. This is an emotionally charged, but amazingly wonderful book. I definitely recommend it, but advise more mature readers. I am sure older teens would be fine with it, but I think parents should read it and decide for themselves before allowing their teens to read the book. It does have some good messages along with the frightening events that occur.

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