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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Omerta Affair by Alexandra Forry

Omerta Affair (Volume 1)Omerta Affair 
by Alexandra Forry

My rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

As Adrianne stands in her father's house, preparing the pack and clean out things after his recent death, her best friend Victor arrives. The twisted history of Adrianne and Victor's pasts are about to be uncovered in ways neither of them realized when Adrianne uncovers mementos and clippings from her parent's lives along with a letter from her father to rediscover her mother.

Adrianne's father Gus ran the Stargaze hotel in Las Vegas. Victor's father Tony was sent by the Chicago Mob Boss, Leo to take care of Las Vegas. Since Don Leo was the one who originally put Gus in the position he was in, it should have been an easy working arrangement. Only one problem, Evelyn. She was married to Gus, but in love with Tony, and she and Tony would defy the mafia laws to have and continue an affair for a long time.

As Adrianne and Victor read diaries from both Tony and Evelyn, and then are reconnected with Tony's best friend Al Lombardi, they learn that things were not what they originally thought them to be. The stories they believed growing up were lies and even the people they trusted were not the ones to be trusted. In the mafia and Las Vegas, everyone can be a bit two-faced.

This is the story of a lasting love, that got caught in prior marriages and the mafia. It is the story of greed and revenge, the story of killing for the sake of making someone else suffer, and yet never really accomplishing what you were trying to do. In the end, love does endure, sometimes it just takes death to reunite lovers.

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