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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hunted (Witch Hunters, Book 1) by: Kathleen Rovner

Hunted (Witch Hunters, Book 1)
by:  Kathleen Rovner

4 of 5 stars

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Being a witch hasn't always been an easy existence for Sabrina and her family, especially when there is a government agency called ARSE hunting you down to be permanently corralled in a testing facility.    This means that of course, Sabrina and her family have to live on the fringes of society, using their talents to take down criminals and such.  All his life Chance has grown up as part of ARSE, and he has believed everything they have feed him, that all witches are evil and bad and have to be hunted down and controlled.  One look at Sabrina and Chance is not sure what is going on, but he is finding it hard to believe that she is evil.  Hunted is the story of Chance and Sabrina,  his kidnapping her and him trying to convince himself  that she is definitely evil, even though everything she does and says tells him that she is far from evil.   Author Kathleen Rovner creates a story that appeals to a variety of readers.

Hunted is titled as the first book in the Witch Hunters series, and as such it is a great start to the series. Although we never meet any of Sabrina's family in this story, we do learn a great deal about Sabrina, we also learn Chance's hidden past and more about the ARSE agency.  We also meet the Fae nation and Ash and Ike, who seem to be able to make everything better.  Author Kathleen Rovner spins witches, fae, and shape shifters, hidden from the regular world and secret government agencies not above using, abusing and exploiting people to get what they want. This is a great novel, different from most paranormal out there at the moment. This is good for all age readers, as there is no sex and little violence in the book. This has the makings of a great series.
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