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Monday, June 5, 2017

Kassandra's Wolf by Leilani Love

Kassandra's Wolf (The Dragon Ruby, #3)Kassandra's Wolf (Dragon Ruby Series, book 3)
by Leilani Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Welcome to a world of humans, wolf shifters, dragon shifters, vampires and witches. Author Leilani Love creates a world that appeals to every paranormal fantasy that a reader might have and draws you into the world she has created, making you want to belong and find out so much more. Kassandra's Wolf is the story of Kassandra or Kat as her friends call her, and her mission to find out more at the connection between rogue dragon Dimitri and wolf-shifter Damien. Of course to accomplish her mission, Kat feels it best to hide her own dragon shifter nature from Damien, who takes her for a human, and is worried about telling her of his own wolf nature.

Kassandra's Wolf is a well written story of fated mates, finding each other in the most of unlikely places, and then dealing with family histories and betrayals that leave both parties scared of the idea of mates. Friends and close family play major roles in the story as well, making them prominent secondary characters that has the reader wanting to know even more about them. Author Leilani Love has done a fabulous job at creating a family structure and bond of friendship that feels real and genuine, one that the reader can easily identify with and relate too. As a reader I found this novel an enjoyment and the promise of a follow up novel appealing. Although there are some mature scenes between the main characters, it is within the confines of a mated pair, I would still advise it for adult reading only.

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