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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Librarian by Brian Fence

Librarian (Lenna's Arc, #1)Librarian
by Brian Fence

In a more old world environment, where steam power has only recently been introduced into the area and changed the way of life slightly, comes a story of magic, power and betrayal.

Lenna is a Librarian, and he childhood friend Gilbert has left their home of Port Homish to join the Blue Brotherhood to learn to hone his magical abilities. Of course in their society only boys are trained in magic, and girls tend to lose their magic as they reach puberty, or at least that is the way Lenna has always thought it worked, but she is about to learn that a number of things she thought about life are not what she thought.

Gilbert arrives with a fellow mage, Luc, and asks Lenna for a favor of getting him out of town, which she readily agrees to because he was her best friend. On the way to her home, there is a confrontation with another of the Brotherhood, making their escape mean that Lenna is going to need to leave town with them.

As Gilbert, Luc and Lenna venture out to avoid capture, Lenna slowly learns more about what is going on, and find out that her own magic is still viable.

This is the first book in a new series, and it is well written, draws you in and creates a wonderful new world and environment that makes you want to explore and read more. I am looking forward to finishing this series and reading more of this series.

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