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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cain's Coven (Begotten Bloods, #1) by Kristin King

Cain's Coven (Begotten Bloods, #1)Cain's Coven (Begotten Bloods, #1)
by Kristin King

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Claryn hates crowds, and is not in the mood for this bachelorette party, but there is no way Kelley is letting her get out of it. It gets even worse when Kelley invites Justice, the guy from the burger joint to join them, and then makes him Claryn's date for the wedding. The thing is, he seems to understand Claryn's fears and issues with men and even more he is willing to work around them, of course Justice has his own secrets.
Cain's Coven is the story of brothers Justice and Chess as the fight and survive in the world. Claryn is drawn into their world, although Justice tries hard to keep her at a distance, he just can't. Outside of them, in the world at large lurks an evil that threatens young woman in the area, even Claryn. Author Kristin King molds dynamic characters in Chess, Justice and Claryn that you come to like and feel for easily and quickly in the story.

Cain's Coven is not your typical vampire novel, in fact there is not much of it that is typical. There are even times when you forget that there are vampires because that is really not the main focus, it is more the whole nature of the relationships and what is going on in the world in general. You've got an online computer game people are playing with the promise of immortality if they win, which has created some disgruntled few who won and found out there wasn't immortality at the end. They are not bent on slaying vampires. Then Author Kristin King decides to throw in a serial killer lurking in the community to mix things up a bit. There is no lack of action or down time in the story, it really keeps you turning the pages and engrossed in the story all the way through. This is a great read for all ages, teens, young adults and up. There is no sex, mild violence - and I do mean mild especially for a vampire story, this is very mild. I feel comfortable letting my middle schooler reading this one. Enjoy!

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