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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mystik Warrior (Dark Alliance Series, Book 2) by Brenda Trim, Tami Julka

Mystik Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 2)Mystik Warrior (Dark Alliance Series, Book 2) 
by Brenda Trim, Tami Julka

My rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Jace may be a doctor to the world around him, but he is a centuries old sorcerer with a heart of gold and scars that run deep. When he learns that Cailyn may be in danger, he is ready to run to her aid, even if thoughts of her sacre him to his core.

Ever since the day that Jace walked into her sister Elise's apartment with Rhys, to bring over a television, Cailyn has become undo. Her nice orderly world is in question. she thought she wanted safe and stable, but there is something in Jace that sets off every deep dark fantasy that she could ever dream of and then some!

Mystick Warrior is the story of Jace and Cailyn. How they learn to talk to each other, come together, over come their pasts and find that fated mates is something to enjoy and relish, not to run away from.

Mystick Warrior is the second book in the Dark Warrior Alliance Series, and in book one, we were introduced to Jace, the sorcerer and doctor, who lives at Zeum with the other Dark Warriors. Cailyn is Elise's older sister, and although she was in San Francisco most of book one, she does know what is going on, having been involved in a major fight outside a club on Elise's graduation. Still the whole fated mate thing, while she loves it for her sister, is scaring her just a little, and to that the fact that Jace doesn't seem to like her, she thinks.

In this story we learn Jace's history and the horrors and tortures that he endured, and with Cailyn's help, he might just learn to over come them, that is if he can release himself from the guilt and tell her about it all.

Let me just tell you, this series has me HOOKED!! I read book one in a couple hours, didn't even close my kindle, but immediately went and bought the rest of the series that was available at the time! Yes, I am one of those readers, when I find a writer - or team of writers in this case - that draws me into the characters to the point that I just have to know what is happening, then I have to read the whole series!!

Dark Alliance Series:
1. Dream Warrior
2. Mystik Warrior
3. Deviant Warrior
3.5 Mistletoe & Mayham
4. Scarred Warrior - (orginally slated for 2015 release - not released as of yet)

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