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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whisper: A Lakeview Novel (Lakeview Academy Series, Book 1) by Stacey R. Campbell

Whisper (Lakeview #2)Whisper: A Lakeview Novel (Lakeview Academy Series, Book 1)
by Stacey R. Campbell

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Lakeview Academy is a centuries old boarding school on 300 mountain acres in Canada, that started out for boys and now admits girls and boys for 8th thru 12th grades. It also holds its own secrets and resident ghosts, or so the stories go. Leigh is in her senior year, but her best friend Blakely's, who graduated last year, younger sister Halle is starting this year and Leigh is going to be her "big sister". Halle is overjoyed about the ghosts, the mysteries and secrets of the school and she can't wait to find out more. It helps that the original building that housed the founder's family is being renovated this year. The seniors are tapped to clean the attic since they are the only ones on campus at the time. Halle tags along with Leigh, and in the process finds an old diary. Whisper is the story of the adventure that follows as Halle entrusts a few seniors, Leigh and her roommate Christi, her boyfriend David and his best friend Callum, who just happens to be a descent of the founding family; to help find a lost treasure mentioned in the diary. Author Stacey R. Campbell creates an engaging and compelling story that make you want to keep reading and find out what happens.

Whisper is actually the second book in the Lakeview Academy series, but it stands on its own quite well. I did not read the first book, and was able to follow along without problem, although now I do want to go back and read the first. Enough key information was relayed in this book that you are not lost. Not only do you have this treasure hunt going on, but you have this tension between Callum and Leigh, which has been going on since their first year. Author Stacey R. Campbell does a wonderful job writing characters that you want to know, you want to read, and you find yourself rooting for and wanting to see them find what they are looking for, among other things. This book is a great read for middle school on up readers. It is clean, there is no sex, although there are references to it, it's not actually seen or described, and there is no violence at all. I would be willing to let my 6th grader read this book. Enjoy readers!

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