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Friday, January 8, 2016

Mortimer the Vampire: And Drake The Dragon by Cameron Glenn

Mortimer the Vampire: And Drake The DragonMortimer the Vampire: And Drake The Dragon 
by Cameron Glenn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Forflick, Oregon is your typical small town in America. Nothing much to do as a teenager but hang out at the Carl's Jr/Green Burrito or the Dairy Queen. The cutest, most popular girl , which just happens to be Lizzy, dates the football star, Chad. Everyone talks of nothing more than getting out of the town and finding something more exciting! Excitement finds them, or at least Lizzy, the day a foreign exchange student Mortimer arrives. Lizzy decides to flirt with him, but he ignores her, which has never happened, then Lizzy starts dreaming of Mortimer. Now she is hooked, she just has to date him. Enter a second exchange student, Arielle and things get complicated. Mortimer actually likes her and talks to her, which peeves Lizzy, but help is on the way in the form of a third exchange student, Drake. Author Cameron Glenn writes a comical yet believable story of high school life and lust in Mortimer the Vampire, all told from Lizzy's point of view.

In Mortimer the Vampire, we get to learn how he became a vampire through the dreams that Lizzy has. The whole time she thinks that Mortimer is showing her his true self, and that he needs her. Lizzy is definitely your typical high school popular girl with nothing else on her mind but looking good, being popular, and dating. The trouble with the dreams are that we only see them in the very beginning, right after Mortimer became a Vampire, as he was still learning to deal with what he was and didn't like it. By the time Lizzy meets him in real life it's been a couple of centuries. Author Cameron Glenn does a wonderful job of weaving Mortimer's past into the story, making the reader feel for him just as Lizzy does. Not to spoil the story, but I should mention that there is also a wizard, a fairy, a werewolf and a dragon in this story. This is a good book for any age reader, even though it is focused on high-school aged. There is no real violence or sex in the book, so it's good to go for all readers. Enjoy!!

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