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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dark Alliance Series - Rowan Sister's

Series Info Post

As some of you know from reading in the past, once I get hooked into a series, I like to read it all and then I like to tell you what the full series is, in order, so that you can read it in order and if the author has any other series.

In this case, the two series actually intertwine slightly. We meet the Rowan sisters in Book 2 of the Dark Alliance, and they work some magic to answer a few questions for the Warriors. Now I haven't read the  Rowan Sisters yet, so I am not sure if the Warriors show up in there as well, but its still kinda fun to know there was a lot of thought put into both series.

**UPDATE 1/14*** After writing this yesterday, I downloaded all the Rowan Sisters Trilogy to my Kindle and read them last night, so they are now reviewed, and they did not disappoint!! They are slightly more about the Fated Mates and a little less violence, but there is still some action and magic, evil and a bad witch to take care of. Oh, and to answer the previous question, yes the Dark Warriors show up in the Rowan Sisters, a little in book one, more in book two and even more in book three.

Well, The Dark Alliance Series that I read yesterday is amazing!! In fact I haven't read anything like it since I discovered Sherrilynn Kenyon and The League Series!!! OMG, that was fabulous!!!  In fact, I read and reviewed all 12 books in that series! I was hoping that she would write a few more in that series because there were still characters I would have liked to have seen a story about, but for now I am waiting and moving on.

So far in the Dark Alliance series there are four published books, and one referenced in the back of book 3, but it has not released yet. I will update this as soon as it comes out and I am still hoping at a couple more might be coming in this series as well! There are a few other characters (Bhric, Breslin, Orlando, Rhys) that I would like to see have their own story.

My suggestion would be to read Dark Alliance books 1 and 2, before you start the Rowan Sisters, and to definitely have Dark Alliance book 3 read before you read Rowan Sisters book 3 (or it just might spoil it a touch for you). That seems to be the timeline of the stories and the way that they work together. They really do almost read as one series with two branches, more than two series separately. 

Update* 9/1/17 Since I originally wrote this post, more of the books have come out and I have tried to update this post as I read them, but I was a little behind so I was working on that today. Also if you will notice on the author's website they have renumbered the series and mixed the Rowan Sisters books into the Dark Warriors and it has all become the Dark Alliance Series. 

Dark Alliance Series:
4.  Scarred Warrior  
4.5 Heat in the Bayou
5.  Hellbound Warrior
6.  Isobel
7.  Rogue Warrior
7.5 Tinsel & Temptation
8.  Shattered Warrior
9.  King of Khoth

Rowan Sisters:

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