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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Deviant Warrior (Dark Alliance, Book 3) by Brenda Trim, Tami Julka

Deviant Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance Book #3 )Deviant Warrior (Dark Alliance, Book 3)  
by Brenda Trim, Tami Julka

My rating: 4.8 of 5 stars

Kyran may be a Dark Warrior, he may fight demons and skrim on a daily basis, but he has his own personal demons that he has yet to deal with, instead of pushing them under the surface all the time and numbing the pain with alcohol and deviant sex.

Mackendra may hide the scars on the outside with tattoos, but the scars on the inside run just as deep if not deeper, and she is pretty stubborn once she gets an idea in her head. She's been told twice now that the villains she's been fighting aren't vampire like she thought but skirm, and that vampire are good, but she refuses to listen.

When good friend Elise has a premonition of a fire at her home, Kyran is there is rescue her before anyone else knows what has happened, only probably, somehow Kyran and Mackendra slip though a portal to another realm that no one can seem to open again. Now they are stuck together, and she still thinks he's the enemy, to find a way home!

Deviant Warrior is the story of Kyran and Mackendra, and although most of the book is focused on them in the realm they landed and their struggles trying to get home, we do see the rest of the warriors on this side doing everything they can to find a way to get to them to help. Turns out the Goddess knew what she was doing when she trapped them away from everyone else with only each other to depend on.

This is the third book in the Dark Warrior Alliance, and it is amazing in that is brings some light on the history of Kyran and Zander, their upbringing, and their parents deaths. Kyran has always blamed himself, even though he was still a child, and his mother pleaded with him not to show himself, to save his brother and sister. It takes a hard woman like Mackendra, who grew up without the loving family he had to get him to see through his guilt and pain.

I'm serious, I can't get enough of this series!! I have enjoyed them all and wanted to learn more are more about each character. I honestly hope that are at least two more planned beyond what is already planned. They have to to hit everyone in the family at some point, or at least I want them to hit everyone!!

Dark Alliance Series:
1. Dream Warrior
2. Mystik Warrior
3. Deviant Warrior
3.5 Mistletoe & Mayhem
4. Scarred Warrior - (originally slated to release 2015 - not released yet)

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