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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Lycan's Mate by Chandler Dee BOOK REVIEW

A Lycan's MateA Lycan's Mate 
by Chandler Dee

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Super-short story. 51 pages on the Nook App on my iPad.

Jurisa is the alpha female of her pack, but her mate has passed away awhile ago and there has been a great deal of uproar amoung the community, or the rest of the packs for her to chose another mate. It is always best for an Alpha to rule as a mated pair.

Alphas from all over have come to this area to engage in a run to determine the new mate for Jurisa. She has laid out a path, practiced it many times, set traps and obstacles and done everything she can to make sure that only the strongest and best alphas, and the one she approves of make it to the end. In order to make sure some of the "slimier" alphas don't make it, she has slipped something into the evening meal.

The run begins, but in the end, the outcome in more than she had planned, and Jurisa as more to say in her choice of mate than she thought she would.

It is a cute store, very short, and very fast read. I think it could easily be taken and make into a full novel, just with the information given in this novella. The expanded work could be awesome. For a novella is was cute, and worth the price I got it for.

Free at, or at least it was when I downloaded it. Not sure if it is still now, but worth checking out, if you are looking for something to add for some quick reads this summer.

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