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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hope For Garbage by Alex Tully BOOK REVIEW

Hope For GarbageHope For Garbage
by Alex Tully

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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To say that Trevor has had a rough life is putting it mildly. He currently lives with his Uncle, who really wants nothing to do with him, and he is seeing a therapist only to appease his best friend and next door neighbor, who just happens to be a seventy year old man. He's never had a girlfriend and he rides his bike everywhere he wants to go. One day he meets Bea, a privileged girl from the rich part of town, and they seem to like each other. They start to develop a relationship, but it is plagued by problems, one of which is her mother. Hope for Garbage is the story of a short period in Trevor's life, from the time he meets Bea until a few months later. Things seem to go from bad to worse, then better. Alex Tully gives the reader insight into the world of this lonely and scared young man.

Hope for Garbage is not only the coming of age story about Trevor, but it is the healing of Trevor. He has scars from his life with his mother, before her death, scars from living with his Uncle, and then scars from the events that occur during the story after he mets Bea. He doesn't trust the therapist he is talking to, but there comes a breaking point, and he finally opens up to her, and the healing is able to begin. Alex Tully gives the reader a story about resilience, about overcoming the bad in life and finding a new purpose and new meaning. Trevor is the embodiment of that concept. This is a great book for young adults and adults alike. It truly will make you think about your own life and what you are doing with your own life.

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