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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Taken Into The Wolfpack: Book #1 by Sadie Koenig BOOK REVIEW

Taken Into The Wolfpack: Book #1Taken Into The Wolfpack: Book #1 
by Sadie Koenig

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Extremely short story. 16 pages on the Nook app on my iPad.

Sarah daydreams about men, and the woods during class. Then she was to walk through a small wooded area on campus to get home after her night class. She thinks she see's a wolf. She begins to dream about the wolf.

I should stop there or I "spoil" the story. It's a short story with not much of a plot. Not really even enough to make it into a full novel at some point, just 16 pages of daydreams and walking across campus.

This was free on and that is probably all it is really worth. I certainly wouldn't pay for it as there just isn't enough there to warrant. it

Oh, and it is marked as erotica. There are NO details into the ONE encounter at the end of the story, so I hardly think it comes anywhere close to qualifying as erotica.

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