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Friday, May 30, 2014

Shadows of the Past (Others of Edenton, #2) by Brandy Rivers BOOK REVIEW

Shadows of the Past (Others of Edenton, #2)Shadows of the Past
Others of Edenton, Book 2
by Brandy L. Rivers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amethyst Lakes is running from her past. She wants to start over, away from the memories of a crazy stalker ex-boyfriend, so she heads to Edenton. The place that everyone goes to get away and begin again. She has friends there in Fallon and Jess.

As she gets to town, she is pulled over by an officer and taken to the station for speeding, a little bit of overkill on his part, but at least the Sheriff, Hayden Hunter is there to take care of things and get her back on track. Of course the poor sheriff is smitten with Amethyst.

Unfortunately, the ex-boyfriend, even though he is physically dead, is still a problem, since he was a warlock, and he has unleashed a problem that is making life very difficult in Edenton.

We catch up with Jess & Slater and Fallon & Brody. Some other old friends from the first two books are also here again, and some new people are introduced. Edenton is still the place that everyone wants to be, and is the place that you can fall in love with and want to live. This book is almost like returning to a hometown after a couple of years away, it all still feels the same, yet there is some catching up to do.

The whole series is so well connected that each book flows into the next, and you just feel like you are keeping up with friends, and even though each story is about a different couple, you still see and read about the couples and people you already knew about. It's one of those series' that you never want to come to a close because you have come to think of the people in the town as friends and you want to know more and more!

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