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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saints in the Shadows ; a mystery of the mind by Alana Cash BOOK REVIEW

Saints in the Shadows ; a mystery of the mindSaints in the Shadows ; a mystery of the mind by Alana Cash
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Life is in pieces for Maud. Her beloved father died in a car accident, and now her mother has remarried, so she leaves her home in New Orleans for New York to find a new life. She rents a small apartment next door to Lina, who just happens to be the building owner. Lina is an older lady with a unique history, who does psychic readings for clients on the side. Lina feels that Maud has the talent and when Lina must go out of town, asks Maud to fill in while she is away. Saints in the Shadows is the story of Maud and Lina, what happens as Lina trains Maud to fill in, and what Maud discovers, about herself and others during this experience. Alana Cash gives you two very different, yet similar characters in Maud and Lina, that are linked by this housing, and what they learn and teach each other is the focus.

Saints in the Shadows is a story of the paranormal, the supernatural, those who have the power to see things other's don't, be it dreams or the future. Is it something to be afraid of or something to embrace? Alana Cash gives us two woman, one on each end of the spectrum, and puts them in the same building, living together. Now one is training to fill in for the other, and the more she learns about dealing with the clients the more she learns about herself. This is more Maud's story of self-discovery and awakening than it is about Lina, yet Lina is the reason that Maud even has this discovery moment or time. This is a good book for adults, and it will give you pause to think.

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