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Friday, May 30, 2014

Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton, #1.5) by: Brandy Rivers BOOK REVIEW

Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton, #1.5)Shadows Fall
Others of Edenton, Book 1.5
by Brandy L. Rivers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shadows Fall is a short story that gives us more background into Amethyst Lakes. Amethyst's story is told in the next book, but there is a great deal of background that has to be left out, so this short story was added in to fill in that information.

Amethyst is a nymph, and she has been dating a warlock, Carl, but things aren't going well and she breaks things off. Carl doesn't take the rejection too well and starts to stalk her. She does everything she can to get him to realize that they are over, so he decides to be vindictive and reports her to the Silver Council saying that she bewitched him.

Amethyst is taken into custody, and things look really bad for her, because the guy in charge of the investigation has a history of abusing nymph's when they are brought in, but lucky for her, one of the guys who picks her up recognizes the name and her mother, and calls a family friend, who arrives just in time to prevent anything untold from happening.

This story then tells of the councils findings and Carl's actions, and what finally drives Amethyst to leave and move to Edenton, where her good friend Fallon is living, along with Jess.

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