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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wolf's Haven (Caedmon Wolves, #1) by: Ambrielle Kirk BOOK REVIEW

Wolf's Haven (Caedmon Wolves, #1)Wolf's Haven
Caedmon Wolves, Book One
by Ambrielle Kirk

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tamara's dreams of a happy life and future have gone down the drain and she has finally decided that tonight she will make her move. After years of lies and abuse at the hands of her fiance' Brad, she is breaking free. Brad and his gang have a break-in planned for tonight, and she is planning to call the cops and run. Of course, even the best of plans can go astray. Brad ends up asking her to help on one of the floors instead of standing at the door like normal, which makes it harder for her to escape. When she hears the sirens, she makes a rash decision and jumps to safety, away from Brad and the gang and heads into the woods. Problem? She has twisted her ankle badly in the fall, and she is looking into the eyes of a wolf. All the sudden the wolf seems to understand and takes care of Tamara and takes her to safety.

Devin is the bastard son of the former pack alpha of the Caedmon Wolves. He has left on his own for the last five years, while his half-brother has ran the pack after his father's death. Now his brother is dead, and his no good cousin is trying to lead the pack. He must protect the pack, so he heads back to vote. He never expects to run into a damsel in distress in the woods on his way home, especially one this beautiful and fragile.

Can Devin be the one to heal the wounds that Brad has inflected on Tamara's soul? Can Devin really give up what he does and take over the pack?

This is a well written beginning to a series on the particular pack of wolves, the Caedmon Wolves. Should be an interesting series, if this is any indication of the rest.

Caedmon Wolves Series
Book One:  Wolf's Haven
Book Two:  Wolf's Promise
Book Three:  Wolf's Touch
Book Four:   Wolf's Desire
Book Five:  Wolf's Strength

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