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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Amber Dragon (The Dragon Chronicles, #2) by Adam Boustead

Amber Dragon (The Dragon Chronicles, #2)Amber Dragon: The Dragon Chronicles, book 2 
by Adam Boustead

My rating: 4.75 of 5 stars

***Aside: You all know I hate these stars! There is a huge difference in a 4 and a 5....
That being said, consider this book at 4.75******

Although Amber Dragon is titled as the second book in the Dragon Chronicles, as a reader, you will be fine reading it without having read the first book. I have not read the first, and although I want to now, it did not effect the understanding or reading of this book.

Each chapter is its own little vignette or story, with each story having the hidden dragon as it's common theme. Each chapter is different and unique, nothing like anything else, and they are nothing like any story along the lines of a dragon living among the world, hidden in plain view that I have ever read before. I found myself entertained, intrigued and wanting more. They each gave me pause, and made me think.

In between each chapter or short story was a collection of poems, lyrics and such. These gave even more pause then the stories, and left me thinking and wondering, imagining and hoping, pondering and musing. I loved them. I found that there were several that just really spoke to me and I ended up copying them to share with friends, but mostly writing them down so that I could look at them again in different contexts.

The way the two - the chapter stories and the poems and lyrics intertwined and mixed was thought provoking and yet at times I wasn't sure how they went together at first, or even for the longest time. This was definitely one of those books that you find yourself reading over and over again, gleaning more meaning and thought from it each time, and depending on your mood and frame of mind when you are reading, it can take you to completely different places with each reading.

The imagery and sense of wonderment in the stories, along with the prose just made me feel in a completely different place. I could be having a terrible day, yet sitting to read just a bit of this book, put me in a different mood, made me think of other people and situations, and really got my creative and imaginative juices flowing.

This is a great read, but not for the causal reader, only for those willing to think about what they read, and how it effects them and makes them feel. I am now looking for book one, and to see what else is out there by this author.

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