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Monday, October 17, 2016

Blood Will Tell by C.S. Donnell

Blood Will TellBlood Will Tell 
by C.S. Donnell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Living her whole life in a house full of secrets, Amy just wants to be on her own, have a car and find love. But when love finds her in the most unexpected of places, the chauffeur's nephew, a vindictive father with access to more money than the devil, has the ability to tear her world apart. Can she survive, and can she find happiness? Blood Will Tell is a complex story that spans the years, from birth to death and many more years and places. It revolves around Amy, who is naive and sheltered, and unfortunately easily controlled by her father in the beginning. She slowly learns more and more truths, through tragedy and heartbreak, and becomes a stable and solid woman. Author C. S. Donnell builds a complex story with more twists than a spiral staircase. This story will keep you guessing and reading until the very last page.

Blood Will Tell has its amazing love story, it's vindictive and vengeful father figure, who believes he has every right to manipulate people and circumstances for his own benefit. It also spans the period from a young girl coming home from college to middle age, to old age. Wrongs were committed, but the way that people internalize those wrongs and behave doesn't have to be criminal. Author C. S. Donnell builds a story where you want to root for true love, for justice and for the good guy to win. It is such a complex and twisted story that you will be crying and happy all in the space of two pages. Really a great read for all readers.

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