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Monday, October 17, 2016

Krystal Blue (The Blue Moon Series, book 1) by Destiny Hawkins

Krystal Blue (The Blue Moon Series #1)Krystal Blue (The Blue Moon Series, book 1) 
by Destiny Hawkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Running away from her foster family was the first step, starting college was the second, but somehow Crystal has ended up in the one town that might be able to answer some questions for her, that is, if she isn't too afraid to actually ask them and let herself believe in the unbelievable. Crystal has always been different, she knew her eyes were unique and she was stronger than everyone else she had met, but she has never really thought about what it really means. Then there is her mother's murder, she has hidden away the facts because they just can't be true. Will Crystal be able to let herself believe and figure out what is going on before something tragic happens. Krystal Blue is a paranormal, fantasy, almost science fiction style book that revolves around college students. Author Destiny Hawkins gives a griping tale of two groups that can't seem to believe in true love across the groups, they stand firmly divided and in the hidden shadows, but Krystal is about to become the turning point.

Krystal Blue is such a unique story, paranormal and fantasy, coming of age, accepting what seems hard to believe and yourself. Author Destiny Hawkins does an amazing job weaving this story together. I think my one beef with the story is that I absolutely hate the Thelopuis character, because of his view that his "kind" is the best and that people shouldn't mix with any other "kind". Although this story is paranormal, fantasy, fiction there are themes of life that abound, and this "racism" by him drives me nuts, I just want to smack him senseless! That is the other great thing about this book, the characters are so well written that you feel for them and want to activate for them or against them! There is some sexual activity in the book, so it may not be for everyone, but it is an amazing story.

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