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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Liulf, (New Scotia Pack, Book 1) by Victoria Danann

Liulf (New Scotia Pack #1)Liulf, (New Scotia Pack, Book 1) by Victoria Danann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I read a book by author Victoria Danann and what can I saw but that I was hooked! She just has a wonderful way of writing.

Liulf is a werewolf book, and if you have read any of the Black Knights then you will have read about the werewolves of the North West, Greyson and their pack splitting and some moving to another dimension.

This time we move to Scotia, or Scotland and meet a nephew who is tasked at taking over the pack as alpha. He has been asked by his dying uncle to move the pack, and so he talks to Windwalker and finds out that it wasn't an old man hallucinations, but there is another dimension, and his Uncle has actually moved there. So he takes a chance and visits this new world and finds it is something he thinks will be good for the pack.

The story follows Liulf and the pack as the prepare and move to the new dimension and start a new life. The one thing Liulf never expected was to find his mate in this other world.

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