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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jarod's Heart (A King Brothers Story, #2) by Elise Manion

Jarod's Heart (King Brothers Stories #2)Jarod's Heart (A King Brothers Story, #2) 
by Elise Manion

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Jarod King, the oldest of the trio of King Brothers, may have his dream job as sheriff, but his personal life is anything but a dream. He married his high school sweetheart, thinking she was his true love, only to have her desert him for a life of drugs. His younger brother Josh's best friend Lauren is him administrative assistant and she has no problem giving him grief when she needs to, but Jarod has no idea that Lauren has been in love with him since the day she first saw him when she was just a freshman in high school. Now that Jarod's ex is dead, a long held secret has been dumped in his lap in the form of a daughter, and there is something funny going on with the drug dealings in town. Jarod's Heart picks up where Jason's Princess ended and focus more on Jarod and Lauren. Author Elise Manion has blended a broken heart, a love for family, and an insecure beauty together to weave an amazing story.

Jarod's Heart, being the second book in the series, starts where book one left off, so we still have some of Jason and Julie's continuing story in this book, but the focus is Jarod and Lauren. We learn more of this history of everyone in this one, and the scars that run deep for both Jarod and Lauren. The one thing that just might heal them all is Jessica, the daughter Jarod never knew he had. Author Elise Manion again weaves the tough strong cop and his battle ready brothers into a story of romance and family values that will have you crying to the end! This is another amazing story about the King family. I am dying for the third story to come out!!

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