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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Black Snow by Larry Vick BOOK REVIEW

Black SnowBlack Snow 
by Larry Vick

My rating: 4.7 of 5 stars

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As a young child growing up in the projects, if your skin shade is slightly different, it can cause an issue. In Black Snow, we meet Aaron and Sanobia, two young children that have had to learn far more than their age would dictate to survive. When Aaron can no longer take the consistent teasing, tormenting and bullying, he fights back on Sunday with a stream of curses that would make even a veteran sailor blush. A chain reaction of events, in no way related to each other, occur within a brief five minute window of time that will change Aaron's world forever. Author Larry Vick shows how his childlike mind can connect the events, when there is no connection, and how an unsuspecting friend can lead you to your greatest moment.

Black Snow, although marked as a young adult book, is easily readable for upper elementary aged children to adults. It should be read by children and adults alike, and then talked about together. It is one of those books, that brings social issues to light, but in a mild enough way for all ages to be able to cope with reading about them, and to allow families to discuss the issues together. Author Larry Vick has created a wonderful book that could easily be a school reading assignment book. It would work perfectly in that type of setting where it is read and discussed and talked about more deeply. Not only do I recommend the book to readers, but teachers and educators alike.

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