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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Call of the Raven (The Union Series) by Shawn Reilly BOOK REVIEW

Call of the Raven (The Union Series #1)Call of the Raven(The Union Series)
by Shawn Reilly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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In the middle of Indiana, tucked away outside of Indianapolis sits a manor house where the Lake family lives. It's not your normal family. Grant Lake is the Keeper of the family, and an ani-shifter, a wolf precisely. But Grant has heard the call of the Raven, which according to longstanding family tradition means his life is about to end and Asher will have to take over. Asher doesn't want to take over, and he makes a mess of things, almost to the point of destroying the Union, or community of ani-shifters. Call of the Raven (The Union Series) follows Asher as he realizes there is a problem and works to make things right before its too late. +Shawn Reilly  writes an ani-shifter, giving the reader dogs, wolves, falcons, tigers, just about any animal all living and working together.

Call of the Raven (The Union Series) is the first book in this new series about the Lake family of Indiana, and the Union of ani-shifters. It is not written like other shifter novels, this really is more about the family dynamics and the traditions and restrictions of living in the Union. +Shawn Reilly  gives the reader a more involved story, that keeps you turning pages and wanting to understand exactly what it going on, and guessing about peoples pasts. This book would be a good read for young adults, teens and adults. Even though there is some domestic violence and some language, the fact that the lead characters begin the story in the teens make it a good book for them. Everyone will enjoy this one.

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