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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chasing Shadows: Book One in the Sisters of Shadows by Maren Meriel McCaffrey BOOK REVIEW

Chasing Shadows (Sisters of Shadows and Moonlight, #1)Chasing Shadows:  Book One in the Sisters of Shadows 
by Maren Meriel McCaffrey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Chasing Shadows: Book One in the Sisters of Shadows and Moonlight Series starts an amazing journey into the lives of Mistral and Allie. Separated when they were young by the tragic death of their parents, the girls grow up differently, in this book we get Mistral's story of growing up. Once they find each other again, the embark on a paranormal existence in a world where werewolves make perfect bouncers. +Maren Meriel McCaffrey doesn't stop there. she brings in mythology with Hades and Ares teaming up to track the twins. The whole book is centered around Mistral. Even though there are other characters present and twisted with Mistral's life, it is from Mistral's viewpoint for the most part.

Chasing Shadows mixes the paranormal or supernatural genre's with their werewolves, vampires, and use of magic; with the mythology genre of the Greek gods bringing Hades and Ares into the mix. This is a really neat mix and something that I find refreshing in a book, it's not a mix that I have seen before. The main characters, twins Mistral and Allie are written so that you bond with them and feel for them. You want to see them triumph over the challenges and problems that they face. Maren Meriel McCaffrey does aqv wonderful job of mixing these different genre's and characters together into a cohesive story that makes sense and comes together beautifully. Definitely an adult book, but it is something that you can curl up and read, maybe over and over, because I'm sure seconding reading you would pick up on other things you missed on the first. Looking forward to Book Two!

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