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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Storyland by Dawn Napier BOOK REVIEW

by Dawn Napier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Memorial Day weekend that year was the same as any other year, except that come Tuesday the world would forever change. It became known simply as It, in the time Before and the time After. Storyland begins with a series of small chapters, each a brief scene into the life of a character that might show up again in the later story. Each of these scenes are labeled by time. Ten years AR, or Five years AR, or even Twenty years AR, and it gives you glimpses into how rapidly some things in the world changed and how slowly other things changed. In the remainder of the book, +Dawn Napier  tells the story of Alicia and her life in the time after. Her struggle, her crusade, and what she must endure to survive in this new world order.

Storyland defies a genre label. It can easily be called a fantasy book, albeit a bit dark. It could be called a dystopian, or supernatural or even paranormal. It really doesn't matter what you want to call it, you just want to find it, take your time and read. I do mean to take your time, because as you watch the world crumble, you will be forced to think, to realize that no one is prepared for every possibility, and chaos can rule. +Dawn Napier does a wonderful job of bring classic monsters and demons from all the favorite writers of the past, and making them living, breathing characters in this world. Some just come into being, and other morph out of humans already on the planet. What is fabulous is how the author is able to give the perspective from those people as they don't understand what is happening to them, and they still try to retain some of their human qualities. As with any post-apocalyptic type world where chaos rules, there are adult themes in this book, nothing graphic, and not much, but it definitely belongs in the story when the author uses it. Therefore I recommend it for adult readers!

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