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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Justice Buried (Starbright, Volume 1) by Hilary Thompson BOOK REVIEW

Justice Buried (Starbright, #1)Justice Buried (Starbright, Volume 1)
by Hilary Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Justice Buried (Starbright) (Volume 1) tells the story of a new world order. The world as we know it now ceased to exist in 2068, and one city at least, underground survived. The prophecy was that in one hundred years a child born on the spring equinox and one born on the autumn equinox, would venture out of the underground and start a new city above ground. Astrea and Lexan are those children, but there are those that would prefer they did not reach their goals. Some in Asphodel don't believe that there are any people left above ground, and others believe there are. Things become complicated when Stian arrives in Astrea's hidden cave, as he actually comes from the surface. Can he be trusted? Astrea and Lexan find they must do things they never thought possible in order to save the city they love and the people they love. +Hilary Thompson, Author  has written a story that will pull you in from the first page.

The current world ends in 2068, not too far away, and in a manner that seems reasonable enough to be realistic, which makes the book that much more compelling to read. Three cities are said to remain, two above ground and one underground. Justice Buried is the story of the underground city of Asphodel. +Hilary Thompson, Author  blends coming of age, as the main characters, Astrea and Lexan are all of seventeen, with the struggles of truth and justice, what is right and wrong, how to balance family and community, ethics and morals. It is an amazing beginning to a three part series that draws you in, keeps you reading and is fun, but at the same time, when you sit back and think about what they went through it will have you thinking about the choices they had to make. Wonderful book for middle schoolers, young adults and adults as well.

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