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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dorelle's Journey (The Cloud Lands Saga) Book 1 by Hannah Steenbock

Dorelle's Journey (The Cloud Lands Saga Book 1)Dorelle's Journey (The Cloud Lands Saga) Book 1 
by Hannah Steenbock

My rating: 4.1 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

In another land, at another time and in another place, dragons and their riders train for war. Dorelle and her dragon think as a team, they work together and her dragon helps her as much as she tells her dragon what to do. This does not sit well with her Commander, he believes that dragons are simple creatures that should do as told and never think. After saving another dragon and rider, which really steamed her Commander, Dorelle and her dragon sneak away at night, defecting from the army. Dorelle's Journey takes them to an uninhabited island, a lush island fraught with danger and finally another land and simple fishing village like she was raised in. Here Dorelle finds a new home, but when a threat to this village is exposed and the knowledge that it is heading to her own home, Dorelle must decide if she will risk going back. +Hannah Steenbock  not only gives the reader a fantasy story, but a lesson as well.

Dorelle's Journey in the first book is what author +Hannah Steenbock  is calling the The Cloud Lands Saga. It is a delightful little book, not too long at all, in fact it was a really quick read for me. You have dragons and an impending war that they are training for, and then good and bad guys in positions of power. It's everything you need. Oh and in case that wasn't enough, there is a little lesson on doing the right thing even if you could get hurt. This is a great book for middle schoolers on up. It doesn't really give an age for the dragonriders, but they feel about 13 - 14 to me, maybe a little older. I think it would be perfect for all ages to read.

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