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Monday, April 6, 2015

Chase Nightly, L'Uccisore (Team Nightly) by Kate Porter BOOK REVIEW

Chase Nightly, L'UccisoreChase Nightly, L'Uccisore (Team Nightly)
by Kate Porter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Team Nightly has been hunting vampires for decades. only now it is lead by Chase Nightly, who took over at age seventeen when his father, Toby was killed by the so called Vampire King. Rae Chandler hunts vampires in New York, but when she is targeted and given a message about the Vampire King in Savannah looking for her, she decides it's time to visit family. The first time Chase and Rae meet, sparks fly, and not the good kind, they are at each others throats, but a cautious peace is obtained, and Rae temporarily joins Team Nightly to find the Vampire King. +Kate Porter  gives a southern flare to the story with some Italian words, and southern charm and manners. Chase Nightly, L'Uccisore (Team Nightly) deals mostly with Team Nightly although a few other Teams are mentioned.

Chase Nightly, L'Uccisore (Team Nightly) is reported to be the first book in a series about these particular brand of vampire hunters and the vampire king. This book focusing mainly on Team Nightly, but slight mention of a couple of other teams. +Kate Porter takes the popular theme of vampires and the vampire hunter or slayer and merges it with a bloodline trait that is passed down, and ends up with a story more about the hunter team, it's connections to each other and own sense of family than it is about the vampires. This is a nice change of pace from most vampire novels. There is one detailed intimate scene, so it is probably best for adults, possibly young adults, but that would be up to the parents.

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