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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Last Legend : Awakened (Volume 1) by Joshua B Wichterich BOOK REVIEW

The Last Legend Awakened (Book 1)The Last Legend : Awakened (Volume 1)
by Joshua B Wichterich

My rating: 4.0 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Long before the beginning of the world, there was the Light and all was good, but there was also the darkness who wanted the adoration that the Light received, and he schemed to try to get that adoration. The Light knew all and was able to see the true desires of the darkness and cast him and his followers into the unknown, and thus began The Last Legend: Awakened (Volume 1). The darkness bid his time until he was able to inhabit the body of a princess and rule the kingdom in evil, but his rule was short lived, when her body died. Now he waits again. Princess Marissa is about to be engaged to Prince Philip when she is kidnapped. It is up to her best friend and her fiance' to find her before it is too late. +Joshua Wichterich  takes the classic story of lucifer's fall from grace and turns it into a legend fit for the knights of camelot.

The Last Legend is a story so old that parts of it have been lost, it has been retold so many times it has become jumbled, and it is up to Prince Philip and Tarrien to find the truth in it all. It takes a great deal of trust and faith. +Joshua Wichterich  takes what could easily be a wonderful fantasy story of good and evil, of knights and castles, dragons and witches that any young adult would love to read and infuses it with a large dose of faith and religion. It provides a lesson in trusting in the unseen, having faith, and giving it over to an unseen God to pull you through when things look the bleakest. Wonderful fantasy with a message for all who read this story.

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