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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Lost Remnant (Pieces of Eden) Book 1 by J.N. Race BOOK REVIEW

The Lost Remnant (Pieces of Eden, #1)The Lost Remnant (Pieces of Eden) Book 1 
by J.N. Race

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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The Lost Remnant (Pieces of Eden Book 1) is an epic fantasy paranormal magic novel centered around the life of a young girl named Azsha. She is beautiful beyond compare, dances in her families gypsy wagon, and has a long flowing locks of lavender hair. All her life her mother has never let her out of the wagon, so one night Azsha makes a run for it, and ends up in a village. The first friend she makes is Kalo, who in turn introduces her to Ayalana. J. N. Race weaves an epic story that almost seems to be two separate stories in one. There is a first mystery that must be solved when Etticacia is kidnapped instead of Azsha and then a second quest when fighting Tempest. All woven together into a coming of age story in a world unlike anything we know now.

J. N. Race takes bits of fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, magic, demons, old world, parallel worlds or dimensions, family drama, and coming of age all woven together to create this epic tale that spans more than just one battle or quest. The Lost Remnant is so well written that it draws you in, you see yourself in this world, you feel yourself walking the streets of the village, the halls of the castle, and smelling the fires the burning. You are drawn into the story and you want to see where it goes, you want to root for certain characters, and against others. This book is labeled as young adult, and I agree there. I feel it would be a great book for teens, young adult, or even adults. No sexual scenes at all, and mild monster violence.

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