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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Short Life of Sparrows by Emm Cole BOOK REVIEW

The Short Life of SparrowsThe Short Life of Sparrows
by Emm Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Tucked away in the valley between the mountains is a village, well a coven really of Seer's and their male counterpart Nightblood's. Isaiah answers an advertisement for a handyman for the summer to work in the coven, even though he is just an Ordinary. Calli is getting ready for her Awakening on her eighteenth birthday. This is the day that she will see her first dream, or nightmare. Rowe is the Nightblood playboy that seems to be attached to Calli, and Calli is determined not to be swayed by his charms. The Short Life of Sparrows tells the story of the summer of Calli's eighteenth year. How she deals with the nightmares that she see's, how she interacts with Isaiah, and Rowe. It also tells us more about Rowe and Isaiah. We also learn the relationship between the Seer's and the Nightblood's and how they work apart but together. +Emm Cole  gives a wonderful coming of age tale for everyone.

The Short Life of Sparrows is a paranormal novel of magic and family, albeit a completely different kind of family. All the women live in the Coven, and they are Seer's, and all the men live in a camp on the mountain and they are Nightblood's. +Emm Cole  give a the reader a unique family setup in this novel. The use of magic also requires something, so there is a cost in using it. There is also a cost to lies, and they never turn out to be worth their costs. It's a coming of age and deciding what they must do, follow in the family footsteps or leave and find something new. This is a great book for teens, young adults and adults.

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