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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AUTHOR: G. Norman Lippert

Author:  G. Norman Lippert
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James Potter Series
1.  James Potter and the Hall of Elder's Crossing
E-Book Link                    My Review Link                   E-Book Link
2.  James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper
E-Book Link                    E-Book Link
3.  James Potter and the Vault of Destinies
E-Book Link                    My Review Link                   
4.  James Potter and the Morrigan Web
My Review Link

E-Books on
1.  Harry's First Christmas
E-Book Link                    My Review Link
2.  Merlin's Gift
E-Book Link
3.  Petra's Getaway
E-Book Link

Other Books - not in a series

The Girl on the Dock - A Dark Fairy Tale
Author Website Link                  Amazon Link

The Riverhouse
Amazon Link

Ruins of Camelot
Amazon Link

Flyover Country
E-Book Link

***Please note****
The James Potter books are in a genre called FAN FICTION meaning they are based on another author's work, which means that this author can write the stories, but can not sell them. They are available on his website for free.  This means that it takes longer for him to write on, as he needs to write a book that does sell to pay the bills so he can write the FAN FICTION.  Once you read one you will understand why this is such a great thing, and why I am begging you to support this author so that he may continue to write the free FAN FICTION books.  Thank you!!

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