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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

James Potter and The Morrigan Web (James Potter, #4) by G. Norman Lippert BOOK REVIEW

James Potter and The Morrigan Web (James Potter, #4)James Potter and The Morrigan Web by G. Norman Lippert
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James Potter and the Morrigan Web is the 4th book in the series. It is in a genre called fan-fiction, which means that is is based on the ever-popular Harry Potter series, but not written by the same author. This being the case, Norman Lippert does a wonderful job staying true to the charcters and the places of the original book.

Now, for my little soapbox speech, since this is fan-fiction, you can not buy these books. They are only available for free on his website. Yep, he doesn't get a dime for writing them, just our love of them. Anyone who knows writing or reading books, knows what it takes to write a book. Now, Norman is honest in that he would like to write the 5th book, already has a title, but is just not sure he can. My plea to everyone, if you have read any of the James Potter series, you read this review and you like it, buy some of this guys other books. They are all good. Let's support this guy though the works that he does get paid for so he can continue to write the ones that he gives us for free.

This book begins with the veil of secrecy being torn. when that happened the great Wizard city of New Amsterdam, which would be like New York City and just happens to be about fifty feet in the air above New York, so when the veil is gone, all the sudden, all these Muggles see this great city above them. Of course it freaks them out! Now, this of course brings out the different factions of people, the ones who want to repair the veil quickly and return to a world apart of wizards and muggles seperate, another that wants to make use of the tear and try to live together in harmony, and then the age old group that wants to enslave the muggles even if it means acting like they want harmony first.

I find this a history repeating itself theme, it happened in the Harry books. Voldemort rose, the next generation cme along and he was able to rise again, now with the next generation of James, the threat is rising again. But don't think it only happens it books, it happens in real like all the time. Let's see, Slavery in United States, Holacaust in Germany, genocide in Africa and on and on the list goes, we never seem to learn from our mistakes. The same things happen over and over again.

As a parent, this was one thing I loved about the Harry Potter and now the James Potter books. I could read them with my kids, and we could enjoy the stories and another world, but at the same time, the themes, the issues could be brought back and related to current events and things that are going on in our world today. It was a wonderful way to have a conversation with my kids. I think it is a great tool for any parent, and everyone knows that parents need all the tools they can get in keeping communication open with their kids.

It's really hard to give much about the book without giving it all away. Just know that all your favorites are there. Professors Longbottom and McGonnal, James, Albus and Lily, Rose and Scopious, Ralph and Zane. Of course it would be a Potter book without a visit from the old guard, Harry and Ginny, Ron and Herminoe and even Haqrid.

The story is well-written, it's captivating and entertaining. It keeps you wanting to read, and although it is completely different than the Harry Potter series, it doesn't feel that different, it seems natural that things would have grown and changed, although not much in the time that Harry has been away from school. It all just works well together.

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