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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Born of Ice (The League, #3) by: Sherrilyn Kenyon BOOK REVIEW

Born of Ice (The League, #3)Born of Ice 
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Born of Ice is the third book in the League series and this book moves on to the next generation. At the very end of book one we met Adron, the son of the Quickaides and then at the end of book two we find that Syn and Shay are expecting.

Book three we are introduced to all the children of the families, not just the Wades and the Quickaides, but also the Cruel's and the Kauk's, everyone that was part of Sentella in book one, has children in book three. It's actually really neat.

This book is centered around Syn and Shay's son Devyn. The man is a saint, never done a thing wrong, unless of course you consider the fact that he runs medical supplies through League lines to war-torn villages even though that is against the law.

Alix is sent to find or fabricate evidence on Devyn, she is told he is a criminal, but she is finding it hard to believe the more she is around him. I find Alix hard, some times she is naive and others cruel almost, it's just hard to understand her. I don't get her most of the time.

I find Devyn to be so much like Syn, without the trauma that I love him to death. We again meet Paden, and I actually find him to be refreshing although a bit unbelievable.

I loved this world. I have been a fan of it from the first book and I find that I am still a fan of it. I really find myself enjoying each and every book. I was a little sad because there were only the three at the library, but I just found out there are more to this series, so now I am excited again. Now to just find them!

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