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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dead Bolt (A Haunted Home Renovantion Mystery, #2) by Juliet Blackwell BOOK REVIEW

Dead Bolt (A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery #2)Dead Bolt by Juliet Blackwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dead Bolt is the second book in the Haunted Home Renovation Series by Juliet Blackwell, who also writes the Witchcraft (Vintage Clothing) Mystery Series. She is probably one of my favorite authors that is currently writing cozy mysteries. I guess I just get her writing style and her books speak to me, and I love them.

Dead Bolt finds Mel Turner again in the middle of a renovation project, this time she is working on an 1890s Queen Anne style-old house, again in San Francisco. The owners area cute, yet strange couple Katenka and Jim and their new baby Quinn. As the construction is going on, strange things happen like tools missing, handprints in the ceiling and paints. Katenka is thinking it might be spirits, and Mel is not one to doubt her, but she wants to find some history on the home and see what might be going on in the history.

We follow Mel as she hunts down the history on the house, talking to former owners and tenets and finding out what she can about the house and the people who lived there.

Again we see and talk to some of our favorite people in the book, Mel and her dad, Stan and her stepson, Caleb. The always proper Graham, and then through in assorted friends and family, which we might have met briefly in the first book and we get to met more in this book, and I look forward to even more in the next book, which I heard is just now being released.

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