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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harry's First Christmas by G. Norman Lippert BOOK REVIEW

Harry's First ChristmasHarry's First Christmas by G. Norman Lippert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

J. K. Rowling may have given Harry Potter life and a voice, but G. Norman Lippert has given voice to the previous generation in this booklet, James and Lily, Sirus and Remus and to the next generation in the James Potter series. He follows the original perfectly without a catch in the voice, you would swear it was the same author!

This small book gives a little insight into the first Christmas, just before James and Lily were killed. You see the deep friendship between James, Sirus and Remus. You can understand Pettigrew's seduction into being tempted to give them up, and there is a brief encounter with Lily and Servus.

It just fills in what you have probably already imagined in your head would have been happening, but it is enjoyable to read it.

This is fan-fiction, which means that this book is free to anyone. You can download it from Goodreads or from the authors website for free, he can not sell it. Also all of his James Potter books are free because they are fan fiction, thus it takes him longer to write them since he still has to pay the bills somehow. So this is my soapbox speech, if you read any of the fan-fiction and enjoy it, support the author and buy some of his other works so that he can continue to give us the fan-fiction. I do, and I really want more James Potter books.

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