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Monday, October 21, 2013

NEW AUTHOR: D. S. McKnight

Author:  D. S. McKnight

I recently "met" Deborah McKnight on a book review community I am on in Google+. She was posting about her first novel being published and was looking for people to give it an honest review. By now, you all know, I love to read and even more love to share what I read with you all here on the blog, so of course I had to check into this. She allowed me to read the book, in exchange for an honest review. One word of note here, my reviews are always honest, even if I don't like a book, I am going to write it anyway. I made sure she knew it would be honest, whether I liked the book or not. Fortunately, I ended up loving the book. So I have info to share with you about this new author, her first book, and let you all decide for yourselves.

Author Website

This is her website. It gives you information on the book and book signings and such.

Author Facebook Page

This is her Facebook page, which allows you to interact with the author. If you liked my review, want to read the book or want to know more, please like her facebook page and follow along. I am looking forward to following and seeing what more she has to offer.

Author Blog

The author's blog, which has info about this book, but other info as well. Guest posts from other author's and more. It's a great blog to follow.

Amazon Book Link

Yep, an Amazon link. You know what that means. You can buy the book. It comes in paperback or Kindle versions. Not trying to pressure you, but I think it is always in our best interests as readers to support the Indie writers, the new and up-coming. Just my two-cents.

Amazon Author Page

Of course this is the Amazon Author page, and although it is pretty sparse, not much in there for Amazon to put on it, I wanted to include it for those that like to check out those pages too.

Now that I have shared all that information, let me share one last piece, the author has no idea that I am writing this post! Yep. This is all me! She only wanted my honest opinion of the book and I have given her that, but at the same time, I love to share, and I think I have found one of the next big names in writing. Of course I have to share. Every time you read a good book, you just have to tell someone, and I have to tell you all about this author.
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