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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara, #1) by Sarah Wynde

A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara #1)A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara, #1) 
by Sarah Wynde

My rating: 4.9 of 5 stars

**If you have been reading me long you know that I rarely give 5's. To me a 5 is perfect, and no book can really be perfect, right, but it can come darn close. This was one of those!!**

This book has been sitting on my reading iPad forever it seems. I downloaded it one time when it was offered for free on Amazon and it has just sat there waiting on me to get the time to read it.

Arika Malone is a scientist, but she also see's ghosts, which has done nothing but cause problems for her. Her father was a science man, told her they were just energy, to ignore them so she tries to and never learns anything about them. One paragraph in a research paper that she mistakenly mentioned spirit energy in and the college she was teaching at all but told her that she was done. Arika was on the hunt for a new job, and fast when an odd offer came.

Zane Latimer is in charge of interviewing the people his father, Max is having brought in for this "job". He sets up in a fake boring office and waits, but Arika is not what he expected, and Zane is not what Arika expected, he is gorgeous but he seems to have no clue and is mysterious. When he hires her immediately for a two-year contract and tells her she can research all she wants, she is even more confused.

Soon Arika realizes that everyone in Tassamara is "different", she can see and talk to ghosts, a lady on the street can read aura's and no one thinks anything about this. She is so used to having to hide her ability, to treat it like a curse that she doesn't understand these people or town that treats it as normal, or as a gift.

Arika makes friends with the teen-age ghost in her rental car, then the ghosts living in her rental house and slowly she starts to come to terms with her ability, but is it not until she accompanies Zane on an abducted child case that she learns things that complete turn her beliefs upside down! Now what is she going to do?

This is a wonderful introduction to the town of Tassamara, as this is dubbed to be the first book in the series. We meet Arika and feel her confusion as she meet the people of the town, her disbelief that a place like this can exist. We get a beginning introduction to the Latimer family and their homegrown company, General Directions. Zane in the younger son, and manages the day-to-day stuff at the office. We learn bits and pieces of the rest of the family, just enough for us to anticipate each members upcoming book.

Now that I have read this first book in Tassamara, I am dying to dive into the next book! I have found that I enjoy the family dynamics of the Latimer family, the dynamics of the town of Tassamara and I just want to know more, I want to hear the stories of the people and the ghosts.

This is a great read, would make a great television series! Anyone that loves a series based on a family, paranormal or para-senses, then you should take a read.

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