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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, Book 1) by Marie Lavender

Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1)Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, Book 1)
by Marie Lavender

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Alec is not your ordinary drop-dead handsome man, he is a vampire, and he smells the most amazing blood he has ever met. He is looking for it when he finds it at a festival. Desiree is a young woman with a broken heart and soul. She has been unlucky in love, but she thinks she is ok. Alec has to know more about her, he wants to know her not just have a taste of her blood, which is something he has never done. Desiree is strong than she thinks and her mind is even stronger, she is able to resist the normal Vampire mind thoughts, and Alec knows there is something special about her, but it also puts her in danger. He takes a bold step and kidnaps her, taking her to his house. Second Nature follows Alec and Desiree as she begins to learn about Alec and trust him. Along the way, they find something more than they ever thought possible, but they both know in reality, it can never work, right? A human and a Vampire? Author +Marie Lavender  gives us a different look into the Vampire-Human relationships.

Second Nature by author +Marie Lavender  is not your typical vampire novel. Alec is a lone vampire, he does not live in a group, or family. Vampires do not mix with humans at all other than to take the amounts of blood they need, but only that much. So when Alec is taken with Desiree this is something he is completely unprepared for and has no idea how to handle. Desiree has no idea vampires exist, but takes the news relatively well. Given her unlucky past with her ex-husband she has a hard time trusting Alec, but he works to win her trust. In reality this is much more a romance novel, it is the story of Alec and Desiree, the fact that they are human and vampire is secondary. Anyone who enjoys a good romance should read this one, it is an emotional read!

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