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Friday, October 23, 2015

Dragon Destiny (The Dragshi Chronicles, Book One) by Helen B. Henderson

Dragon Destiny (Book 1 of the Dragshi Chronicles)Dragon Destiny (The Dragshi Chronicles, Book One) 
by Helen Henderson

My rating: 4.7 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Take a step back in time, to a world when dragons flew the skies, travelers arrived on horse or foot, and trading caravans of horse carriages still existed. Branin is one of a rare breed, a dragon shifter, of dragshi, he can change form from human to dragon and back, but he is the last. There hasn't been another born in over three hundred years, and Branin has been alone. The dragshi can mind speak, and one day in flight Branin hears someone in his mind, all he is able to get is her name, Anastasia. That is enough, he puts everything and everyone he can into finding her. Anastasia is a trader girl, of immense intelligence, but feeling alone and that she doesn't quite fit in. When she meet Branin, he life feels so much richer, but he keeps so much distance between them and she doesn't understand why. Dragon Destiny is Branin and Anastasia's story, of finding each other, and of awakening in her, the sleeping dragon that only Branin believes is there. +Helen B. Henderson  gives the reader a powerful tale of young love, of holding back, of understanding and of making life work.

Dragon Destiny is set to be the first book in a series and I can't imagine where the series will go from here! This book not only has Branin and Anastasia's love story, it has the jealous ex-girlfriend, although she thought she was more important than she was to Branin. Actually, she thinks she is more important than anyone, she takes the cake when it comes to narcissism, but she makes for some great reading at times. Author +Helen B. Henderson  is refreshing, in that this book takes you out of the modern world for a time. You can read and relax in the calm of a world with no beeps, bings or bells. There is a richness in her writing that allows you to get into the characters and feel for them, you want them to succeed, and not just Branin and Anastasia the other characters in the book, the old ones, or the true dragons and the other dragshi. You find yourself being pulled into the story and not wanting to put it down. There is no sex at all in the book, there is some violence, I'm talking highwayman attacks on the trail and animal attacks, but they are not graphic at all. I would easily recommend this to teen readers all the way up to adults. Worth reading and one enjoyable read!!

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